What We Do

The West is our home. Conserving its natural and cultural treasures – our distinctive small towns, wide open spaces, and ways of life that we value – is challenging. Economic, social and environmental changes are dramatically transforming the region.

Future West is a non-profit consulting group that helps communities identify and create the future that they desire for themselves and their children. Dedicated to fostering a constructive dialogue around natural resource and rural development issues, Future West provides the information and expertise as well as facilitating the public engagement essential for wise decision making. The payoff is a great place to live and work, a shared sense of community pride, and clear path to the future.

Our mission is to help communities create the future they want. Future West staff provides people with information and expert assistance custom tailored to specific community needs. Future West also assists in designing and conducting community outreach strategies that foster meaningful dialogue around important natural resource and rural development issues. We believe in collaboration and will only work where we are invited.

Future West is nimble and efficient with a small core staff of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in natural resource management, community development, land use planning, and facilitation and public involvement. Our expertise is bolstered by an extensive network of associates who are widely recognized as leaders in the field of community-based development and conservation. They can provide technical advice appropriate for specific project needs. For example: economic analysis, land planning, GIS mapping, landscape architecture, communications, rural development, ranch management, conflict resolution etc.

Building the capacity of local people to lead and sustain these efforts is a key goal. Our staff works closely with community partners to insure that they acquire the knowledge and skills to continue these initiatives on their own.

Future West is available to assist local governments, public agencies, rural landowners, and other non-profits. Examples of our projects include support for watershed management initiatives, crafting and implementing land use planning processes or community visioning, and the design of sustainable rural development projects.