Reducing wildlife-vehicle accidents should be state priority

Future West has taken a leading role in Montanans for Safe Wildlife Passage, a coalition of organizations working to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions in the state. Each year, wildlife-vehicle collisions cause human death and injuries, millions of dollars in property damages, and take an awful toll on wildlife. There are, however, proven solutions – wildlife underpasses, [...]

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Is the Process more important than the Product?

When one thinks of conservation, what often comes to mind are efforts to protect an individual species, “Save the fill in the blank!”  When one thinks of improving a community, what often comes to mind is a site-specific project; “Build a fill in the blank!” In the 1990s, I was involved in an effort to [...]

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Change is Inevitable

“Change is inevitable. It will happen by design, or by default.” That sage observation by David Brower has influenced much of my conservation work over the past several decades. I have come to the conclusion that directly engaging people in the “design” of strategies to respond to challenges, will yield results that are ultimately better [...]

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