Denny Iverson is a rancher/logger in the Blackfoot valley of Western Montana. A native of Minnesota, Denny followed his parents to Mt. in 1975 to help run the ranch in Potomac Mt. Some 25 years ago he got involved with a fledgling NGO called the Blackfoot Challenge and has been a Board member for the last 20+ years. He still ranches with his brother and now the next generation from both sides of the family are coming home to roost. Denny and his brother have taken a proactive approach to ranching in a changing landscape for years and continue to look (with the help of the kids ) for ways to adapt. He also sits on the Board of Five Valleys Land Trust where he takes an active role in shaping the future of that organization as it looks to meet the needs of western Montana beyond just land protection. He recently joined the Board of Heart of the Rockies as well as a representative of the land trust community. As a board member for the Challenge, he has served on the ex. committee, conservation strategies committee, wildlife committee and most recently is chairing the fund development committee. His wife asks him all the time if he will ever learn to say no to an opportunity to volunteer!