Future West is excited to share with you a hot off the computer visual concept paper we created for our new Successful Communities initiative (link here: Successful Communities Wireframe). We recently convened a gathering of individuals who had participated in the “Successful Communities Process” — a series of community visioning sessions held around the region in the early 1990s. Participating communities were in transition from resource extraction based economies to amenity “New West” economies. It seemed to the group that the timing could be right to re-engage these same communities and others that are once again struggling with issues related to too much growth, or not enough.

Scroll though the site’s visuals to get a sense of how we will facilitate a new round of Successful Community Dialogues. Let us know what you think! After hosting our “Sustaining the New West: Conservation Challenges – Conservation Opportunities” conference in December, we believe that now more than ever, a regional 21st Century Successful Communities initiative is needed and wanted.