Project Description

As part of our High-Divide Capacity Building Initiative, Future West is proud to share with our community this online guide: Best Practices for Community-based Collaboration.

Recognizing the wealth of knowledge from individuals and organizations in the Northern Rockies, and drawing on available research and academic expertise, the Community-Based Collaboration workshop hosted by Future West and the High Divide Collaborative in the fall of 2016 provided an opportunity to discuss learning’s from a variety of collaborative initiatives. Together this group crafted shared definitions and principles, and identified best practices for maximizing impact while avoiding pitfalls. This website (Available Here!) is the culmination of that collective knowledge and a step toward creating a common understanding of community-based collaboration.

Special thanks to the three graduate students in the Natural Resources Conflict Resolution program at the University of Montana who designed and built this site — Jess Eller, Peter Gurche, and Teagan Hayes– as well as all of the Collaboration workshop participants.