Project Description

Facilitation, Planning and Training Services

Effective community-based organizations (CBO’s) and local governments are critical to break through logjams and achieve real results that are good for the environment, economy and communities. Across the Rockies they are the organizations providing local leadership and innovative solutions that work for their communities and the land. Unfortunately, all too often they have limited budgets and staff and are operating ‘on a shoe string’. This situation can dramatically limit their effectiveness.

Future West has substantial experience in providing facilitation, organizational planning and training services. The following is just a sample of the types of services that Future West has provided to other organizations:

Facilitation Services:

Strategic Planning Services:


“Effective Communication for Conservationists:” workshop at the Burns Technology Center, Montana State University
“After the Flood Recedes:” workshop at the Burns Technology Center, Montana State University
Tributary Fund  Training for Mongolian monks on community visioning.