Ralph Becker, Former Minority Leader of the Utah State House of Representatives, 34th Mayor of Salt Lake City, UT

Ralph Becker is 43-year resident of Salt Lake City where served two terms as mayor (2008-2015). He also served in the Utah State Legislature as a member of the House of Representatives for 11 years (1996-2007). For most of that tenure, he was in legislative leadership positions, including five years as House Minority Leader. In 2015, Ralph served as President of the National League of Cities. In his political career, Ralph focused attention on serving the public interest through solution-orienting, inclusive governance practices. He became known for his work improving conditions for the LGBT community around discrimination; sustainability practices and protection of lands and resource; and changes to improve equity in education, access to the outdoors, and community development.

In 2017, Ralph holds a Leadership in Government Fellowship with the Open Society Foundation.

Prior to his legislative service, he was Utah State Planning Coordinator under Governor Scott Matheson, and co-launched a consulting firm (Bear West) for 22 years specializing in community and resource management planning, environmental assessment, public lands, and public involvement. Ralph was an adjunct professor in the University of Utah College of Architecture and Planning, teaching classes each semester in Environmental Planning and Law, Public Involvement and Governance, Public Lands Planning and Management, and related courses and lectures. Ralph holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and from the University of Utah he holds a JD and a MS in planning. He is married to Kate Kopischke, has two sons and grandchildren, and enjoys many forms of outdoor recreation.