Tanya Rosen Michel

Snow Leopard Programme Coordinator • Khorog, Tajikistan

Tatjana (Tanya) Rosen Michel joined Panthera in 2012 as the Snow Leopard Program Coordinator, based in Tajikistan. Before joining Panthera, Tanya received a Masters of Science in Social Ecology at Yale University, Master of Laws at Harvard University and a Juris Doctor from Italy’s Universita Statale di Milano. After practicing law in the United States and Italy, Tanya’s interest in large carnivores led her back to school. Tanya studied bear ecology with the USGS Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team and conducted work on human-carnivore conflict in Yellowstone and Italy, and in Pakistan with Project Snow Leopard. Prior to joining Panthera, Tanya also worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) on human-wolf conflict in Montana, and developing a framework for trans-boundary Marco Polo sheep conservation between Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and Tajikist