Managing Growth in the New West Webinar Series

Interested in learning what you can do about the multitude of growth management challenges facing the Northern Rockies? Please join Future West as we host a free webinar series entitled, MANAGING GROWTH IN THE NEW WEST. Our aim is to inspire and inform local actions by both governmental and non-governmental entities that will address priority issues related to rapid growth and change.  Each month, we will offer a webinar featuring individuals with in-depth knowledge of planning, sustainable development and growth management issues – leaders in their fields who can foster a more complete understanding of the challenges and related opportunities.   

Join us for our fourth webinar: Tools for Protecting Agricultural Lands and Rural Open Space Featuring Jim Stone (Rolling Stone Ranch & The Blackfoot Challenge) and Randy Carpenter (Future West). WEDNESDAY JUNE 23rd, 11:00AM MST

The Northern Rockies is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. Many of our valleys are feeling the pressure of increased rural residential growth and this is affecting everything from our tax base to the environment. Rural working landscapes – farms and ranches – are particularly threatened by sprawling development that can significantly impact agricultural operations. But there are ways to maintain the agricultural lands that form the backbone of our region’s identity and rural economy. Our speakers, rancher Jim Stone and Future West staffer Randy Carpenter will survey the array of planning tools and strategies for better managing rural growth and they will illustrate how these are being successfully applied. While there is no one silver bullet for addressing this serious challenge, comprehensive strategies that utilize both regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to protecting rural lands are showing promise.

To watch recordings of past webinars and learn more about upcoming webinars, click here: Managing Growth in the New West: An Educational Webinar Series


Future West has just released a short video profile of the communities in the High Divide region – the chain of counties connecting Greater Yellowstone with the wildlands of Central Idaho and the Glacier area. Though focused on this region, the video showcases the pioneering work of Future West in helping rural Western communities identify and achieve the future they want. Click this link to view the video: High Divide: Communities In Transition.


Check out our recent publication: Celebrating and Expanding Ten Years of Community-Based Conservation Success. It tells the story of Future West – what we’ve done in our first ten years and our newest project: Sustaining the New West. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about our work.

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Future West works to realize a future where communities have a shared sense of place, robust economies, and sound stewardship of natural, cultural, and community assets.

Our Mission: Future West helps communities identify, choose, and achieve their desired future


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