Let’s Go Dutch!

Future West and Mobycon to Bring You a Webinar about Dutch Solutions for North American Transportation Problems

Perhaps you’ve walked or biked in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe and thought: why can’t we have that here?

As is turns out, we can! Mobycon is a Dutch transportation firm committed to implementing Dutch solutions on a worldwide scale. Recent Mobycon projects include streetscape, bike, and ped plans in Rocky Mountain locales such as Jackson, WY and Canmore, AB.

As part of our Sustaining the New West Webinar Campaign, Future West’s next webinar will feature Zach Vanderkooy, Integrated Mobility Advisor for MobyCon, who will demonstrate how Dutch-style streets are indeed a real solution for our snowy climes. You’ll learn how to create functional, joyful streets that allow for all modes of transportation and create happier, healthier towns.

Dutch Solutions for
North American Transportation Problems

A Sustaining the New West Webinar
Wednesday, June 22, 11 AM MDT

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