Robert Liberty has 40 years of experience with the

  • adoption
  • implementation
  • evaluation
  • improvement and-politics of land use and transportation plans.

His career has focused on using these plans to

  • curb urban and rural sprawl-protect farmland, ranchlands, forests and  wildlife,- and to create compact, livable, cities with more equitable choices in housing and transportation.

In the course of his career, he has worked as:

  • a public interest land use attorney
  • a land use hearings officer- an attorney in private practice
  • the director of a nonprofit planning organization (1000 Friends of Orego)
  • the director of university community assistance programs
  • Senior Counsel to a Member of Congress
  • an elected official
  • and now as a consultant to governments and nonprofit organizations.

In addition to his work in Oregon, he has made many trips to Montana and Idaho, working with various advocacy groups, and provided advice and assistance to local and state governments, including the California Governor’s office for Policy and Planning, the Maryland Governor’s Offfice and many nonprofit organizations, business associations from Wasilla Alaska, to Waco Texas and to various governments, delegations and organizations in, and from, Canada, Mexico, China, the European Union,  New Zealand and other countries

He currently serves as member and former Chair of the Columbia River Gorge Commission, which administers the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Washington and Oregon.