Project Description

Workshop on Strategies for Protecting Montana Rivers

Future West sponsored a very well-attended workshop in November 2012 titled “After the Flood Waters Recede.” This training event focused on river dynamics and how people can avoid the negative impacts of flooding. It was held at the Burns Communication Center at MSU and as a webinar. Future West Associate Karen Boyd, who is well know for her fluvial geomorphology work throughout Montana, helped lead the workshop which highlighted the impacts of the floods of 2011 and enlightened participants on natural river processes and how landowners and communities can accommodate these in their land use and development activities.

In December 2012, at the request of American Rivers, Future West staff facilitated a two day workshop on developing strategies for protecting Montana’s wild rivers. Conservation leaders from throughout the state learned about threats to river systems and opportunities for launching a comprehensive strategy for conserving several of Montana’s major river systems.