Project Description

Butte Historic Preservation Plan

Project Update:

Future West and InteResources Planning Inc. teamed up and were awarded the contract to produce the first Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan (CHPP) for Butte, MT. Jennifer Boyer served as the facilitator for a 12 person citizen committee that was charged with producing the plan from the ground up. Future West Associate, Scott Carpenter, provided the technical resources and plan development for the committee. This is a very unique approach in crafting the CHPP, which is often developed by a private consultant with minimal public input.

Butte’s CHPP involved not only a citizen committee of diverse interests in historic preservation, but regular public forums for the larger community to engage and learn about the approaches and success stories from other Montana communities and beyond. The committee operated under consensus guidelines and public comment was included in all of the committee meetings throughout the year-long project.

The goals of the CHPP are to:

  1. Provide a clear road map for directing resources and programs to maximize historic preservation activities.
  2. Identify opportunities for greater partnerships between local government and local organizations.
  3. Directly tie historic preservation planning to other community plans including affordable housing, land use and economic development.
  4. Raise the bar on the quality of historic preservation occurring in Butte.
  5. Minimize the loss of historic resources due to neglect and lack of resources.
  6. Maintain compliance with state and federal guidelines for National Historic Landmark Districts.
  7. Uphold local standards, processes and regulations regarding historic resources.

Click here to download a PDF version of the adopted plan.


Butte-Silver Bow City and County, MT