As promised, below are the presentations of our speakers from the November 29th Sustaining the New West Conference. We are delighted to share their work with you. As with any source, please cite appropriately if you use any of the information in your work. To view the PDFs, scroll over the image and click the arrows to navigate the pages of each speaker’s presentation.

Sustaining the New West: Conservation Challenges – Conservation Opportunities


Defining the New West – Todd Wilkinson, Mountain Journal

Key Note: Managing Growth in the New West – Ralph Becker, Former Mayor of Salt Lake City

Session 1: Growth Trends

Setting The Stage: Growth Trends in the Northern Rockies – Dr. Ray Rasker, Headwaters Economics

Growth at the Local Level – Randy Carpenter, Future West

Outdoor Recreation and Public Lands – Kathy Rinaldi and Brooke Regan, Greater Yellowstone Coalition

Session 2: Growth Implications

Water, or a Lack Thereof, in the New West – Laura Ziemer, Trout Unlimited

Sprawling Wildlife into Wildlife Habitat – Dr. Andy Hansen, Montana State University

Our Playground is Their Home: Recreation and Wildlife – Dr. Sarah Reed, Wildlife Conservation Society

The Elephant in the Room: Climate Change – Dr. Steve Running, University of Montana

Session 3: Opportunities

Fostering Sustainability at the Community Level – Skye Schell, Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance

Bringing Towns and Counties Together to Plan for the Future – Chad Phillips, Routt County Planning Department

Building Drought Resilience in the Upper Missouri Watershed – Ann Schwend, Montana Department of Natural Resources

Creating Safe Wildlife Passage Across Wyoming’s Highways – Chris Colligan, Greater Yellowstone Coalition

Reconciling Conflicts Between Recreationists and Wildlife – Morgan Valliant, Missoula Parks and Open Space Department