Gallatin County, where Future West is located, is growing and changing, which brings challenges to our communities and citizens –  and also presents us with an opportunity to shape our future.  On October 25th thousands of Gallatin County residents will come together in small groups to break bread or share a cup of coffee to discuss how to collaboratively build and maintain strong, safe, and dynamic communities. 

This imaginative public square, called A Seat at the Table, is an initiative of Future West and the Bozeman Area Community Foundation. It is designed to generate new ideas, inspire bold solutions, and cultivate relationships for the betterment of communities county-wide.

A Seat at the Table is a simple concept – a county-wide conversation that is hosted by community members like you on one day. On Thursday, October 25, 2018, neighbors will come together and talk about their concerns, ideas, and hopes for the future of Gallatin County. This information will inform current efforts to plan for future growth in our communities and the county.

A Seat at the Table and all of of Future West’s initiatives in the Northern Rockies are based on the belief that successful communities have something in common – they make it possible for a wide variety of citizens to engage in identifying community challenges and solutions.
If you love your Northern Rockies community, our wide-open spaces, and our abundant wildlands and wildlife, please consider donating to Future West to enable us to continue to advance our community-based conservation goals.

Want to have your voice heard? Join us October 25th: